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7000 Series Half Mask

Stock Code: 23-7k

CHARACTERISTICS Extremely Lightweight Easy to clean. Easy maintenance. Easily accessible components. Clear design and surfaces. EasyLock® filter system No additional parts needed. 100% PVC-FREE All Moldex products and packaging are 100% PVC-free. Gas filters Particulate filters Pre-assembled filter combinations Article Type of filter Article Type of filter Article Type of filter 9100 A1 9010 P1 R 9120 A1P2 R 9200 A2 9020 P2 R 9230 A2P3 R 9300 ABE1 9030 P3 R 9430 ABEK1P3 R 9400 ABEK1 9022 P2 R + O3 9730 ABEK1HgP3 R D 9500 A2B2E1 9032 P3 R + O3 9600 AX 9800 ABEK2* *EN 14387 weight limitation: ABEK2 + P2 or P3 restricted to full face mask

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